Space Planning and Management (SPM) provides advice on the management of the University’s space in terms of recommended spatial allocations, utilization analysis and campus planning strategies. SPM develops¬† and maintains the University’s space inventory system and AutoCAD database. The unit focuses on two aspects, namely Space Planning and Space Management.

Space Planning

  1. Analyzing, developing and implementing strategic plans vis-à-vis campus space utilization.
  2. Conducting studies and initiate reports for the University relative to space allocation and standards advisory.
  3. Periodic development of strategic framework for space management according to physical changes.
  4. Preparing campus planning strategies relative to the University Campus Master Plan and relevant precinct plans.
  5. Providing inputs into the new Capital Management Plan.
  6. The governance of building names.

Space Management

  1. The maintenance and documentation of site and floor plans of University Campuses relative to ArchiBus system.
  2. The management of policies and procedures framework for records management.
  3. Supporting key information eg: NUS Building/House/Room numbers, Statutory approvals, etc.
  4. Managing overall policy and procedures framework for the operation of Space policy.
  5. Coordinating with Faculties/departments to conduct periodic space audit, updates of physical upgrades.
  6. Updating the space information half-yearly for use in planning & budgeting purpose.