Estate Maintenance – Horticulture & Grounds

We are a team of dedicated people who share the same passion of creating and conserving the greenery of our campus. Our core services are as follows:

  • Tree maintenance & inspections
  • Landscape maintenance & design
  • Road Sweeping & Roadside drains cleaning
  • Grass cutting
  • Tree planting
  • Conduct gardening & terrarium workshops

Past Events

Terrarium Workshop
Department Tree Planting

Feel free to contact us at for more information about our terrarium classes & tree planting.

Our Publications

Celebrating Trees in NUS
In conjunction with NUS’ 110 years of founding, this commemorative booklet celebrates our campus’ distinctive, natural fauna and flora heritage.

“Celebrating Trees in NUS” features the various species of trees found in NUS that represent our natural heritage – trees that have left an indelible mark on our campus.
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The Horti Digest, 2017 Issue
Our publications that highlights the recent development, news and events happening for NUS greenery
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Past Issues:
Horti Digest, 2013

Horti Digest, 2014

Horti Digest, 2015

Horti Digest, 2016

Horti Digest, 2017

Horti Digest, 2018

Our Awards

Greenery integrate with the surrounding environment

Our building, Ventus has received 2 awards, Skyrise Greenery Award (Excellence Award) and LEAF Certification (Outstanding Project) from NParks at the opening ceremony of the GreenUrbanScape Asia and International Skyrise Greenery Conference 2017 on 9 November 2017.

Ventus is the only development to be given both accolades this year.  It stood out from the other projects with carefully designed around several mature trees and built to seamlessly integrate its natural surroundings, boasts a prominent green wall in addition to a diverse planting palette which attracts a wide range of biodiversity. A community garden on its rooftop allows staff to engage with one another through a shared passion for gardening.

“Ventus was designed to be more than just an efficient and sustainable building. We hope this development can contribute towards enhancing the wellness of its occupants by providing a conducive environment for them to enjoy the flora and fauna.”

Professor Yong Kwet Yew
Senior Vice President (Campus Infrastructure), National University of Singapore


2015 Skyrise Greenery Excellence Award, Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

The Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum is the Republic’s only museum dedicated to showcasing Southeast Asian biodiversity. The main building houses the Exhibition Gallery and the Zoological Reference Collection and is conceived as a ‘rock’ in the landscape. A geological allegory derived from its function as a museum of natural history and expressed by its strict geometry being cleaved to reveal a ‘green’ covered strata of planter boxes that are creatively integrated with the building and the surrounding environment.

“NUS is honoured to receive the Skyrise Greenery Excellence Award. This is a strong recognition of the University’s continuous efforts in sustainable development and construction. With a long term vision of creating a biophilic campus, we aspire to incorporate lush greenery into our building designs wherever possible.

With the intent to showcase the biodiversity in Southeast Asia, the facade of the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum was designed to resemble a “moss covered rock” with a pocket where over 60 types of native plants, including mangrove specimens, are nurtured. The planter boxes in the pocket were modelled to simulate natural terrain in order to encourage local fauna, such as birds and butterflies, to inhabit the wall, creating a natural bio-diverse feature wall. This greening effort not only enhances the building’s energy efficiency by acting as a heat screen to reduce the heat absorbed by the building, but also entices visitors to interact with the living garden.”

Mr Chew Chin Huat
Director, Office of Facilities Management, National University of Singapore (NUS)