Environmental Sustainability


Cooking Oil Recycling

NUS started recycling of cooking oil in 2008 at two canteens namely Frontier and Techno Edge. Since then, efforts to recycle cooking oil have been extended to all canteens and food courts on campus.

Recycled cooking oil is processed to produce biodiesel. The newly-formed biodiesel can then be used as a fuel for vehicles or as an additive to reduce levels of hydrocarbon emissions from diesel-powered vehicles. In fact, biodiesel from used cooking oil from food establishments across NUS has been used as transport fuel for a number of NUS-organised events such as the International Sustainable Campus Network Conference 2013.

Food Waste Recycling

NUS started food waste recycling using food waste digester at The Terrace Canteen in Year 2015. With this food waste digester, it helps to decompose food waste into water that can be used for washing or discharge into PUB sewage. See flow chart below for details.

Food Bank

Food Bank Singapore is the centralized coordinating organization for food donations in Singapore.

Three (3) donation Stations have been placed in NUS (i.e. The Terrace, The Deck and The Techno Edge Canteens.) The near expiry food items will be collected and delivered to the needy, which in turn reduces wastage.


The Deck Canteen at Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences has been awarded the 1st Singapore Eco Foodcourt in 2011. We have also obtained eco-certification for Techno Edge and Terrace Canteen to show our support for environmental sustainability.