Our Staff

Senior Management

Yong Kwet Yew (Professor) 
Senior Vice President (Campus Infrastructure)
Email: uciyky@nus.edu.sg

Koh Yan Leng (Mr)
Associate Vice President (Campus Life)
Email: ucikyl@nus.edu.sg

Chew Chin Huat (Mr)
Senior Director (Operations and Maintenance)
Email: ucichewc@nus.edu.sg

Mabel Sum (Ms)
Personal Assistant and Office Administrator
Email: ucisec@nus.edu.sg

Community Engagement and Organisational Development

Geraldine Lee (Ms) 
Email: ucileeg@nus.edu.sg


Linda Lim (Ms) 
Email: ucikkl@nus.edu.sg

Angelia Wong (Ms) 
Senior Manager
Email: uciwonga@nus.edu.sg

Human Resources and Admin

Chia Ser Suan (Ms) 
Email: ucicss@nus.edu.sg

Leong Siew Lin (Ms) 
Recruitment, Learning & Development
Email: ucilsl@nus.edu.sg

Space Planning and Management

Roy Tan (Mr) 
Email: ucitck@nus.edu.sg

Sanny Djohan (Ms) 
Senior Manager
Email: ucisd@nus.edu.sg

Physical Planning and Management

Lee Fook Ngian (Mr) 
Email: ucileefn@nus.edu.sg

Lee Paw Chuen (Ms) 
Land Planning & Smart Initiatives
Email: ucilpc@nus.edu.sg

Special Projects (Infrastructural Development)

William Ng Chin Hua (Mr) 
Senior Associate Director
Email: uciwnch@nus.edu.sg

Procurement, Contracts and Compliance

Ng Chin Fei (Mr) 
Associate Director
Email: ucincf@nus.edu.sg

Regmi Tapasya (Ms) 
Procurement Policy
Email: ucitr@nus.edu.sg