The way we travel has an impact on the environment and there are many ways that we can lower our carbon footprint as part of our daily commute. We encourage staff and students to choose more sustainable forms of travelling to and within campus.


Walking is a quick and direct way of getting around campus, especially with its network of pedestrian paths. Enjoy the breath-taking views and iconic buildings whilst you travel by foot.

Show your support for the WalkNUS initiative, which promotes a healthy lifestyle by encouraging people to walk short distances instead of taking the bus.


Cycling is also a low-cost and low-carbon way to move around the campus. There is also a designated bike path running parallel to the ring road in UTown, for seamless travel within the precinct.

Click here for the locations of bike racks on campus.

Take the Internal Shuttle Bus

The free internal shuttle bus service is an effective and sustainable way of moving the masses, approximately 50,000 people, to various locations on the Kent Ridge and Bukit Timah campuses.

Visit this website for the internal shuttle bus schedules and details.