Awareness & Outreach

A campus-wide sustainability campaign to raise awareness, facilitate action, and expand the culture of sustainability among NUS students and staff, SustainABLE NUS captures multiple facets of greening our campus, such as energy and water conservation, recycling, green transportation, office and laboratory spaces, and appreciating biodiversity, all in one identity. It aims to empower (I am ABLE!) individuals of the campus community to take action confidently towards building a sustainable campus.

SustainABLE NUS Campaign Materials

Let’s Think, Act, Green! Take a PLEDGE and commit to one ACTION for each of the five sustainABLE NUS themes! Below are the campaign materials which you can download for your own use, or share with your friends.

If you would like to obtain physical copies of our campaign materials, or if you have any ideas or projects to support the SustainABLE NUS campaign, please feel free to drop us an email at

Alternatively, if you are NUS staff, you can view our other resources here.

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