Logistics Support Services

The Office of Campus Amenities (OCA) provides and coordinates transport and logistics support for University level-corporate events hosted by the President, Provost and Deputy Presidents and centralized examinations. It also serves the community by providing logistics consultancy services to faculties, schools and administrative offices. The team continually builds upon our established base of suppliers and service providers and seeks to develop customized solutions for events on campus.

Other logistics support services provided by OCA are as follows:

  1. In-house NUS vehicle fleet
  2. Managing of space (banner points, lamp posts and events directional signages) for publicity materials
  3. Supply of Uniforms and Shoes to eligible staff members
  4. Internal Mail Service
  5. Audio Visual Aids support services at UHall
  6. List of term contractors which departments can tap on:
    • Printed materials ( letter head, name cards, complimentary slips, memorandum pads and files)
    • Printed envelopes
    • Mover for office shifting and shifting/arrangement of chairs and tables for examinations
    • Printing and installation of banners
    • Supply of chairs, tables and tentages for events
    • Disposal of fixed assets.

Organizers should also seek clearance from Office of Campus Security (OCS) for security review and Office of Safety Health and Environment (OSHE) for risk assessments as part of their events planning process. It is the responsibility of event organizers to ensure the contractors comply with the required safety rules and regulations.

Please email the following officers if you have any enquiries:

Ms Susan Tan ocatansc@nus.edu.sg Logistics Support, Internal Mail and Uniform & Shoes
Mr Raymond Teo
Mr Abdul Rahman
Transport Services
Ms Susan Tan ocatansc@nus.edu.sg Printed Materials and Envelopes
Ms Susan Tan ocatansc@nus.edu.sg Disposal of Fixed Assets
Mr Abdul Hadi
Mr Abdul Latiff
Audio Visual Aids services at UHall