About OCA

The Office of Campus Amenities (OCA) oversees the Retail and Dining services and Transport, Logistics and Car Park in NUS.

OCA strives to constantly engage stakeholders to ensure dining, mobility and lifestyle needs are adequately provisioned to provide for a lively campus for the community. The overall campus ambience is further enriched by the wide array of interesting retail and dining options, including 24-hour vending machines, self-service kiosks and ATMs available throughout the campus.

With a seamless internal shuttle bus transportation network linking different faculties and campuses together with adequate parking facilities, OCA strives to ensure that travelling and parking remain efficient and convenient for the community. In addition, the office also supports the University with logistics services for events and mailroom services.

Enriching Campus Experience

Deliver Quality Service
Enable Campus Vibrancy
Embrace Lean and Green Practices

1. Efficiency and Effectiveness
2. Engagement and Collaboration
3. Research and Planning
4. Enriching campus experience
5. Innovation and Technologies
6. Caring and Sharing