NUS Environmental Roadshow

When: 17 & 18 Oct 2018

Where: UTown Plaza

In line with national efforts to fight climate change, University Campus Infrastructure (UCI), through the Sustainability Steering Committee (SSC), has embarked on a Climate Action journey to reduce the carbon footprint of the university. As part of this journey, the SSC is organising the NUS Environmental Roadshow, taking place on 17 & 18 October 2018.

The Roadshow will be centred around the SSC’s five core focus areas: Energy Management, Water Management, Waste Management, Built Environment and Green Spaces.

Join us at the Roadshow and be part of our journey toward a sustainable NUS!

The Energy Task Force (ETF) objective is to transform NUS into one of the most energy efficient university campuses. We target to reduce the energy intensity by 20% by FY2020 (base year FY2012).

The NUS Water Management Task Force (WMTF) was set up in 2015 to optimise water usage on campus. Through various management stragtegies, the Task Force ensures reduction in reliance on potable water.

The Waste Management & Recycling Task Force (WART) is tasked to look into ways to reduce waste generation and boost recycling rates in campus.

The Built Environment Task Force (BETF) is a university-wide committee that has been established to promote sustainability in the planning, development, and operation of NUS’s campus environment and facilities.

Green Spaces Task Force (GSTF) is formed under the NUS Sustainable Steering Committee (SSC) to look into ways to increase and enhance the quality of green spaces in the built environment of our campus.

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Sustainability Steering Committee
University Campus Infrastructure

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