Gorgeous Accommodation Set in the Heart of Kent Ridge

Ridge View Residences offer an excellent view of the campus and the surrounding areas. Located in close proximity to the University Health Centre, the Office of Student Affairs, the University’s Sports and Recreation Centre and the Yusof Ishak House, they offer convenience and easy access to the sports and recreational facilities.

Fully Furnished Rooms

As with all of our residences, your room at KFH and RVR comes fully furnished with beds, desks, and wardrobes that maximize living space.

All rooms are installed with telephone points, computer network (Plug and Play) points, radio antenna points and TV points, while RVR (Blk A-E) only has internet points. Residents have the choice of subscribing to personal telephone lines and have easy linkage to the University’s Computer Network.

The kitchenettes are equipped with basic appliances such as a refrigerator, microwave oven, toaster and induction cooker for cooking light meals. The laundry rooms are equipped with EZ-Link/coin-operated washing machines and dryers. Common lounges are located on every block and provide a good avenue for residents to interact and relax.

Fast Easy Transportation

Ridge View Residences is convenient as there are various public transportation and internal shuttle services available. Public transportation Bus No. 95 and internal shuttle services A1, A2, B, D1, D2 will bring you around campus. Moreover, Kent Ridge MRT is just a few stops away from Ridge View Residences which can be accessed via public transportation and selective internal shuttle services.